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Written translations

We accept originals and copies of documents for translation. We always indicate having received: the original or a copy. If the client wants the translation verbatim from the original, but for some reason he cannot submit the original, he always has the opportunity to send us a copy of his document and then demonstrate the original in video mode (the so-called video mode -identification®). We carry out video identification® of the originals of translated documents using software tools: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Google Duo. Subject to successful video identification®, we make a note on the translation that the client showed us the original document. Thus, the client does not need to come to us, he saves his time. We, in turn, can provide services around the world, without geographical restrictions.

The clients can always come to us and bring the originals with them. In this case, we ourselves make copies of the originals of documents to be translated. Also, the clients can first send us photos or scans of the documents to be translated, and then come in person, show the originals and immediately pick up the translations. We can also arrange a personal visit to clients if, for some reason (due to age, illness, employment, etc.), they cannot come to us. In either case, we always make a notation that the clients showed us the originals. Please note that a personal meeting with clients is possible only by prior arrangements!

At the request of the clients, we send translations by mail or by passing transportation means (bus, car, air) around the world, without restrictions. Normally, we mail translations in large envelopes 35.3 x 25 cm, at the rate “Großbrief Prio” (2.70 Euro) using German postal operator Deutsche Post. If clients want to choose a cheaper shipping option (for example, “Standardbrief”) or a more expensive option (for example, a letter with a return receipt or an insured letter, etc.), the clients must inform us about their preferences before paying for our services. Each translation made by us is packed at our expense into a transparent security file and then into an envelope. The client pays for the postage, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

We accept copies of documents for translation by mail, in person, by email (, and through social messengers such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype.


  • Each written translation has:

personal signature of a sworn translator

the translator’s certification inscription

Imprint of the translator’s personal seal


The translation itself is stitched together with a photocopy of the original (source) document.

The translation performed by us does not require any further steps and it is unconditionally accepted in Germany by all the authorities, institutions and organizations, including courts, notaries, educational institutions, private companies, etc.