Бюро переводов Grushko & Partners


Бюро переводов Grushko&Partners

Our translations terms and prices

Our prices reflect the quality of our services.

Translations of standard documents, which include:

Birth certificate

Marriage certificate

Divorce certificate

Name change certificate

Adoption documents

Paternity proof

Certificate of discovering an alive person

Declaration of a missing person

Death certificate

Identity documents (except passport)

Driver’s license

School report cards

Secondary education certificate

Inserts to school certificates

University or college diploma (without insert)

cost 40 (fourty) Euro plus VAT and is completed within 1-2 hours.

We are happy to provide translations’ estimates. Write or call us if you would like to know how much a sworn translation of your document will cost. We could advise either right away or we will get back to you within 15 minutes.

We charge 85 Euro plus VAT per hour for in=person interpretations. We charge all travel expenses (both ways) if the location of the interpretation is further than 50 km from Cologne. Be assured of the best quality of interpretations, as provided by our sworn translators.