Translation agency Grushko & Partners


Бюро переводов Grushko&Partners

Our advantages

  • Free introductory consultations for all clients
  • We preserve translations made earlier and our clients can always request additional copies of the previously made translations
  • We prepare estimates (Kostenvoranschläge) without delays to enable clients finance payments through the Jobcenter
  • We respect customers’ wishes regarding the style and the terminology of translations for as long as they do not contradict translations standards
  • We translate documents of any complexity, from the standard documents to highly specialized technical and medical texts
  • We accept urgent translation orders. We translate standard documents in 1-2 hours
  • We shall receive an apostille for our clients’ documents, when necessary
  • We offer flexible forms of payments including installment remittances and volume discounts. We extend discounts for new clients introductions.methods for our services, as well as payment by installments and the possibility of obtaining a volume discount referrals-based “bring a new client and get a discount”
  • Our clients receive access to our Facebook page (, where we post interesting and useful information about life in Germany
  • Our services are strictly confidential
  • We shall always assist the clients in finding sworn translators in their regions of and in those foreign languages ​​with which we do not cover. Our assistance is free of charge