Our services


We provide translation, interpretation and localization services to the commercial and public sector offering a range of language services to suit any content in any format.


Please find below the detailed list of what we do:


  • Court documents / legal documents
  • Immigration and emigration forms / vital records certificates (birth-, marriage-, divorce-, death, name change certificate etc.)
  • Medical records / insurance forms / labour documents
  • Passports / id-cards / government documentation
  • School records / student record books / diplomas / transcripts and excerpts
  • Brochures / advertisements / notices/ signs / labels
  • Manuals / technical instructions / books / business cards
  • Audio & video transcription / translation of waive, mp3, dvd, cd, cassettes
  • Movie subtitling




  • Court / legal proceedings
  • Immigration / naturalization interviews
  • Medical / insurance/ labour relations
  • Liaison / diplomat / government
  • Public / community services
  • Tour guides / entertainment / holiday functions
  • Business conferences / trade shows
  • Video remote interpreting (videoconferences)
  • Telephone Interpreting




Localization is all about refining message and brand of your firm in order to meet exactly the reality and expectations of the relevant markets in Germany, Russia and Ukraine.

It is not just about language.

It is about local culture, mentality and perception functionality as well. Fortunately, we can help you with this. With our help, you can localize your businesses more efficiently, which leads to an optimisation/streamlining of activities on the local market and eventually to maximisation of your business profit.




Do you have any translations that need editing and/or revising?

Let us help you.

When it comes to specialised (technical) translations, accuracy and clarity are must. For that reason, we would recommend to hire our professional editing and revision service, if you have any concerns about the quality and readability of your content.

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